Is that You?

I was in a cab earlier and the cabby was an old man with white hair. He had a hearing aid and he spoke perfect English, though with a hollow nasal tone. And I think he had some difficulties hearing me clearly cos he just continued talking to me throughout the whole trip. He probably just want to talk anyway.

But what he told me struck me deeply.

“The weather these days are really unpredictable these days. One moment, its bright and clear and hot and then next, it will be raining heavily. Just like a woman’s mood, for no reason, she would just cry. I just like to get off work and go home to a hot cup of Milo, snug in cosily in bed and read a romantic book. I like reading biographies, especially one that talked about how a poor person overcome all odds to be a millionaire.”

Then he switched to another topic as quickly as he switched lanes.

“I used to be a resale officer in HDB last time and there were some disillusioned couples who would break up and divorce after 3 years of marriage. I asked the woman what happened and she said I would never understand. I told her that I am already married for 28 years and she told me this.”

“Uncle, what would you do if you came home early from a holiday happily, looking forward to seeing your hubby and you found him in your bed with another woman?”

The uncle continued to me.

“I have no idea what to tell her except this. That everyone should not just revolve their lives around someone else. Why be all sad when you are ill treated by another person. Why get so upset on 1 rotten fish when there are so many fresh fishes in this world. There is no need to jump over another person, why waste what you have with another person? When you are hurt, you get stronger. Getting hurt is part of life, its a learning process, you learn as you get hurt. Just move on when you do and leave him.”

I had no idea whether its some divinity at work or if this kind old uncle is my Gabriel.

For he had no idea that I was actually crying in his cab when he was telling me this.



~ by blurfroggie on October 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Is that You?”

  1. thanks

  2. Thank Gabriel, I think he was definitely around that day..

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