A short mozzilla adventure

I was the last person to leave the office tonight. Everywhere was silent, except for the sound of my radio and the tapping of my keyboard. I was concentrating on my presentation and nothing else mattered, I needed to finish my work and that was it. I was not gonna let anything distract my concentration.

Until it decided to fly out. The second time.

The first time, it flew too fast before I could get hold of it. I hecked it cos I was too lazy to chase after it even though it was flying very lethargically. Probably cos it had just finished its dinner.

This time however, I had enough of it. I decided to whack it and rid the world of another pest.

I stood up from my chair and chased after it.

Smack! I got it.

The sight was rather funny though. Me chasing after it while it was flying slowly, in the silent office with all the office equipment and all the furniture.

Finally, all was still again and I could go back to my work.

Life goes on as usual.

Lifeless life.


~ by blurfroggie on October 15, 2007.

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