Crossing my fingers hard

Two strange and funny thing happened to me today. One involved a life while the other involved the status of my feet.

I was at my customer’s place, at the security post explaining to the guard the purpose of my visit when my phone fell from the window ledge. It landed with a loud splat and I froze. I had just changed my phone and the protective hard plastic had already cracked badly. With the high fall, the back portion of the protective cover fell out and my phone landed on its front.

I was really pissed with myself.

Then as I picked up the phone, I noticed something wriggling on the ground.

There was a small little baby pale gray lizard at the spot where I picked up my phone. Its head was kinda flattened and its tail was twitching.

I had just flattened a baby lizard with my phone when it fell.

I am still feeling rather guilty for killing the lizard. I did not have the heart to kill it straight away and chose to walk away from the crime scene. I should have just kill it with a swap but the thought of killing something so small and helpless is just too, I don know, cruel?

The second weird incident happened when I was meeting my second client for lunch. I was walking across a dried grass patch when halfway through, I kicked something really hard. For a moment, I thought that I kicked a large stone, but then again, the color of my kicked object did not resemble a large stone.

In fact, it looked like a cake, an orange cake, an orange “fa-gao” to be exact.

“Ouch! I just kicked a “fa-gao“!”

My boss who was walking beside me burst out laughing, though I really did not know what was so hilarious about me kicking a cake.

That was not all.

As I looked closer at the object of my kick, I realized that there were some joss sticks beside it.

I am not really a superstitious person but I am crossing my fingers hard that I will not suffer from any bad luck after today’s incidents.


~ by blurfroggie on December 4, 2007.

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