Duo nites with car launches

I should have taken some pictures but did not, cos for 1) the lighting wasnt good enough for me to take pictures and for 2) I only had my camera phone with me and I am very sure that the pictures will turn out diasatrous.

Why did I say I should have taken some pictures?

Cos I was at 2 car launches back to back in 2 days. Phew, tiring affair but I enjoyed it rather much. Especially the Audi new A4 launch.

Its a very interactive launch, with a huge panel for Mr Reinhold Carl to do his presentation, starting off with a video showcasing Audi in all the major cosmopolitan countries. He then ended his presentation with a stunning view of the 6 A4s performing stunts in front of the audience.

Yes, the presentation ended with the huge screen opening apart to reveal a huge tarmac space with the audience overlooking it and there were 6 A4s running and performing stunts on it. Its like I am watching a live show instead.

Then afterwhich, the host invited us for some driving experience with the Audi A4. There were a team of international Audi training staff who brought guests to outside. The entire group was split into 2, with the first team having to experience the A4’s superior technology when the drivers push the car to its limit.

I was sitting in the back, all buckled up luckily, and the driver proceeded to push the car to more than 110km/hr, I think, and then suddenly do right angle turns and change lanes and stuff like that.

Although I was a little giddy from the effect, I still kept edging the driver to go faster, the faster the better! heh. The champagne does little to negate my highness, I think. hah!

Next, we went to the other area where the drivers got to experience the ABS and something else which I could not remember what function of the car. This time, I banged my head hard twice when the driver suddenly stopped the car at 80km/hr. Ouch! Painful!

The entire session is a very interactive one, allowing the guests to come up close and personal with the car. Most car launches follow the general guideline of just driving the car out in big fanfare, forgetting about the interactive aspect of it. Audi really outdo itself this time for this launch!

Next car launch I went to today was the Chevrolet new Aveo 5 launch at Marina Square. As per most car launches, the location was at a very public place, with much fanfare. Highlight of the event was a beatboxer, a pair of hip hop rappers, a group of break dancers and some bamboo thin models who, though thin, was totally hot with a dance to some rap. Its very obvious that GM is trying to market this car to the yuppies, youngsters who have some income to get their first car.

If I had a license, I would definitely consider the car. Its small, cute, funky and most of all, the doors are light. I hate heavy car doors, especially those which tend to swing back for no reason and slam into my face. No good, definitely not a good experience at all!

Anyway, cool car launches. Now I have like a total of 5 caps from the 2 events. For some reason, they like to give out caps during car launches!



~ by blurfroggie on May 16, 2008.

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