I just found out….

That the first guy I got involved with left me after 4 years and the second guy that I got involved with also left me after 4 years.
It made me wonder if there is anything wrong with me?

That one should not have a full meal after having an empty stomach for the entire day.
It made me very uncomfortable. Very.

That its not a good idea to talk too much during meetings.
It made me look like a fool when I was told off for not paying attention by Da Boss.

That Australians can be real chatty and interesting.
It made me come back home very late.

That its really not a good idea to arrange all your meetings back to back.
It made me late and unprepared for every meetings.

That I really need a car cos I am facing severe difficulties getting around in my work.
It made me reliant and dependent on colleagues who have cars. I hated it.

That there is a very very fine line between loving and hating a person and crossing it is damn easy.
It made me bitter and probably will scarred me for life. And I have no idea what to do.


~ by blurfroggie on May 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “I just found out….”

  1. hee… the 1st part abt4 yrs reminds me of myself. my 1st bf lasted 2 yrs, 2nd one also, 3rd one – my hubby, i lost the intense interest after 2 yrs…
    wat a joke…

  2. Well, to hell with all these men. I hope they all die and rot in hell. Forever! For eternity!


  3. haiz… too bad it prob wun happen…

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