Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Man is a very strange species, in my opinion. They behave like little boys, yet they do not want to be treated like little boys. They are sensitive, yet they do not want to admit that they are. They are logical but they certainly do not behave logically soemtimes.

I really find them a strange species of organism. Really.

The most ironic or rather the joke of it all is that man find woman a very enigmatic species of creature too.

They cannot understand how come woman never seem to say what she wanted, how come she cannot seem to behave logically (note the similarity), how come she can be very happy one moment and the next moment, she can cry her eyeballs out over something minor that he said.

My conclusion is, both man and woman are made to be different, thus the world can be colourful, thus we are attracted to each other. Man love woman for being different from him, woman love man for his distinctiveness. Man is supposed to be logical, factual thinking animals with an underlying emotional undertone while woman is supposed to be the one to guide, to nurture his feelings and emotions and at the same time pick a little of his logical thinking brain. Mars and Venus again.

Something seemingly easy to be understood but yet how is it that there are so many misunderstandings and destructive differences that exist among man and woman? How is it that the very thing that attract them together actually destroy whatever little understandings that exist between them?

Sometimes life or rather nature makes a fool out of us mere mortals.

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

How true indeed.


~ by blurfroggie on May 21, 2008.

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