The day I was “arrowed” for the NDP.

Its come a full circle. I thought it will never happen to me but it did. I thought I can be spared of what had happened again and yet it came back again to me. I already tasted it once in secondary school and thought thats it, no more of such stuff.

I was “nominated” to join the National Day Parade”.

AGAIN! Twelve years after the first time I participated in it.

Nominated is a more politically correct word. Arrowed is more like it.

There wasn’t enough people to make up a full contingent for our company and Da boss was quite unhappy that those people who got “nominated” wasn’t showing up regularly. So he called for a meeting with all the HODs, including me and I absolutely had not idea why I was involved since I wasn’t a HOD at all.

Anyway, inside the boardroom, all HODs were sitting around the huge boardroom table. Da boss 1 and Da boss 2 were sitting at the front, going through all the different departments asking them if they can sponsor any more participants to the NDP.

The finance manager gave the most hilarious answer. “There are 5 pregnant women in my department and the rest are Malaysians, who need to go back home every weekend. Not likely to sponsor any more participants anymore.”

Then Da boss 1 turned to my boss and asked,” So MO, how about your side? Can get 2 more participants from your side?”

My boss replied,”Me lor! My staff all don want to participate so I go lor!”

Da boss 1 smiled in a weird way.

Then he turned to me and said,” How about you Iris?”

“My boss already said he is going, I can’t say no right?” I laughed and replied.

“Ok good, so we got 2 more participants here!”


So now, every Sat I need to “volunteer” my entire day for the parade rehearsal. Granted, the rehearsals were quite fun cos of the enchiks who were very patient with us and who mingled with us and make us feel very appreciated for our efforts, but still the fact that I only got a day for my own personal life instead of 2 days in a week just make me feel so sorry that I “volunteered” for the NDP.

And guess what?

My boss was excused from the NDP 2 weeks later cos there were more than enough people and the IC for the NDP thought its not appropriate for him to get a HOD to do all the chores (think carrying food and water).

DAMN! I feel so cheated!


~ by blurfroggie on June 7, 2008.

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