Thats me

Sometimes I dunno if the problem lies with me, whether I am too harsh or too serious or perhaps too stubborn

Thing is, I find lots of things that are done by my peers a tag too childish for my likings. Well, not exactly not all, just some.

Or maybe its cos I am too sensitive for my own good?

Problem is I just speak out what I think is right and what I think is wrong. And also what I like or dislike.

Perhaps I may sound too harsh sometimes but most of the time there isn’t any other way of not sounding harsh. The truth is tough, the reality is harsh, is hard on the ears and cruel on the heart, all the time.

I may be patient and easy going most of the time but when you stepped on my tail long enough, you will realize that that a bull have horns and its painful to get stabbed by them.

Ee Lin’s father once told me not to take no for an answer unless you are satisfied with the no. Similarly, I do not think I should tolerate what I do not think is right and what I do not like.

Call it stubborn, call it principle or call it just plain stupidity but I call it me. Thats me, thats who I am and I do not like to change, its after all the striking characteristics of a Taurus.


~ by blurfroggie on July 6, 2008.

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