An unwelcome guest on my nose

The spectators were wild with excitement. The sun was slowly dipping but still was rather hot. The media helicopter was high up in the sky, filming everything that was happening all around.

The parade commander brought the Guards of Honor in and take their dressings before the entire parade was completed. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the VIPs.


And waiting.

And more waiting.

Then suddenly, I felt something tiny crawling on my face, near my nose. Thought it was a strand of hair. Tried blowing it away.

Did not help. The thing was just crawling little by little around one spot near my nose.

Blew again. The thing moved again. Wiggled my nose. The thing moved more.


Finally, I tak boleh tahan. Brought up my free hands and scratched my nose.

And then it was when I saw the culprit, a tiny fruit fly flew past my eyes..!

The relief was so audible that my friend told me she was trying hard not to laugh out loud behind me.


~ by blurfroggie on July 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “An unwelcome guest on my nose”

  1. Aiya…. you so behind, don’t need worry people will see you 1 lah.

    Just make sure camera not pointing at you can liao. 😛

  2. No lor, I am at the second row…

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