Where art thou, my red moon?

Today was the first time I saw my red moon in like 2 months. And it came with a vengeance. I shivered from the cold in the office, my legs were wobbly, my eyes were swollen, my tongue was dry and my tummy cramped.

All in all, it was a really miserable time for me today.

But I was very relieved that my red moon decided to pay me a much awaited visit. I actually sighed with relief when I felt her presence and saw traces of her oncoming visit in the morning.

For 2 months, I held my breathe and tot that she had abandon me. That could only mean 1 thing which I definitely am not looking forward to!

For the past few weeks, I ate pineapples, drank honey lemon drinks, drink cold water, ate green bean soup etc. There was once I had too much pineapples that my mouth was hurt by the pineapple juice. Never knew that pineapples can be so potent…!

Anyway, now that its here, I can breath with much relief again. Amidst all the discomfort, all the pain and all the twisted emotions that it always seem to bring whenever she decided to visit, I realized that without it, I am actually worse off.

At least now, I know that I am really in the clear..!



~ by blurfroggie on July 14, 2008.

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