Breast problem

I was sitting in front of my desk as per usual for almost the entire day, watching movies, downloading more movies, playing my game and reading blogs.

When I felt a sharp pain under my left breast. It was a jabbing ache and the more I pressed on the area, the sharper the pain. There is no bumps or weird skin contusions but the pain was nagging and did not subside.

This morning, the pain was back.

I think its time to visit a doctor. I am too young to get breast cancer.


~ by blurfroggie on July 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Breast problem”

  1. may not be breasts cancer. but its always better to get a check up done. and go do it soon. best is monday.

  2. I told you I will go check up liao and no nagging liao..

  3. :X

  4. Is there any lump? Might not be Breast Cancer.

    You want I can help you check. 🙂

    *Run before I ganna wack*

  5. No need hor, thank you very much

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