My choices, my control

What maketh a man a man? Choice, its the choices that he makes. Its not how he choose to start things, rather how he choose to end things.

There are things which we do not have a choice but there are certainly lots of things which we have a choice. And we are made and remembered from the choices that we choose.

Sometimes when you are so down, the only thing you must remember is that you have a choice to be happy or sad. You may not be down by choice but you can feel the way you feel by choice. Its all about control, self control to the extreme.

I really must learn to have more control, in all the choices that I made.

That said, its also important to not regret the choices that I made under my control.

Like I chose to get drunk last night and now I must not regret my choice, not even when I am now suffering from a day’s long of hungover and acute gastric pains.


~ by blurfroggie on August 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “My choices, my control”

  1. well. as long as you are not dead, there is always a way to correct ur choices. that is wats so good about being alive.

  2. I wish

    For you to step out of the shadow and see life in a new light.
    To put ur past behind you and look ahead with head held high.
    To embrace life with the passion of a young child, without fear, without care, full of hope, full of life.
    True that life is never smooth sailing cos this is not paradise.
    Its never too late to restart. The only regreat one should have is to restart life too late.

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