My F1 experience

It was hot, stuffy, humid. The roads were dusty and there were people everywhere. And there was a strong buzz of excitement in the air.

For 2 days, I was at the 2008 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix. It was supposed to be a 3 days event but I turned down the last day, not that crazy about F1 actually.

Actually I was there cos my company invited some super VIPs for the event and I was the coordinator for this function. There was a suite for them and each ticket cost a whopping $3.5k so my boss had to make sure that the guests are comfortable and he wants me around in case these people lost their way or something. So by a twist of luck, I was given 3 days pass to the Padang Grandstand. Turned down the last day and passed to Mike who is an F1 enthusiast and asked him to attend in my place instead.

First day went alright. The group of us who were there went exploring the entire site. It was quite a tiring day cos we walked the entire loop. Near the Paddock area, we even caught 3 drivers. Adrian Sutil was standing in front my friend, who was quite pissed when he suddenly stopped in his tracks to sign some autograph. Some of the Japanese girls were rather crazy about him it seems, they totally went crazy.

Then a black Merc arrived and everyone swamped to his car and I mean totally swamped! The entire car could not move, the doors couldn’t be open too. I did not recognize the guy inside, did not even know that he was a racer until people start snapping pictures of him. When he came out, it looked like him. He looked quite old in person though.

As everyone was chasing and snapping pictures of him, another white BMW came up from behind. A very white guy with curly hair sneaked out and ran quickly into the building. It was only after that I realized it was him.

I wasn’t as star struck as 2 Japanese girl fans, they looked like they were ready to faint any moment. Haha!

On the second day, my sis very kindly loaned me her Fujifilm FinePix camera and I arrived early to the site. Tied up my hair and went around snapping pictures. There were more people than the first and the buzz of excitement was even stronger. The stages were all alive with performance and the stalls were constantly packed with people.

One thing to note was the exorbitant price of the stuff that were being sold at the event. Its super inflation in the F1 village! A can of drink cost a crazy $3 and a box of normal Hokkien mee with only noodles and 4 aneroxic prawns cost $8! And thats only the small size one, the large one cost $10!

Cos I foolish did not take any food there and cos I was so bored while waiting for the event to start, I burst $50 yesterday on 2 drinks, 1 Hokkien mee, 1 box of fries and 1 box of onion rings. That must be the most expensive hawker meal that I ever had..!

Kopitiam style ice blended coffee for $8, who wanna try?

Price check: $70 for a cap, $200 for a jersey.

Some shots of the place..

The Formula BMW race.

The Toyota car shot while it zoomed past, this is by far the best picture I took of the F1 cars while they are on the run….

On a last note, for the past 2 days, I dozed off halfway while watching the event. So the tickets were wasted on me after all.. hah.


~ by blurfroggie on September 28, 2008.

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