I am sad.

I was in a boss raid yesterday.

By that I meant I was deep it the world of Granado Espada, whacking some boss or whacking other players in the game.

My parents had just came back from their shopping trip or some other trip which I could not remember. Mum walked in and said, “Still gaming?! You play for the entire day not bored meh?! Go look for a boyfriend lah, going to hit 30s liao still pak game!”


I don wanna be old, I am still a girl at heart, I wanna stay a girl for always leh.. How sad..

Mum, you broke my heart.. haiz….


~ by blurfroggie on October 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “I am sad.”

  1. Aww… sayang sayang. don worry la. i have many female friends who are beyond 30 and single and happy. Never rush into a relationship just for the sake of it. Must find the correct good guy.

  2. In the mean time… CHIONG AH!

  3. hehe..

  4. find a gamer boyfriend (hint:like me) then ask him go ur house play together with u let ur mom see. then she LL rofl. seriously games are addictive. play it while u keep ur life in balance and ur life should work out fine without the nagging musics. btw my mum also keep scold me get a gf whenever i plays games as well. i go home start computer nia, nag song comes up………..

  5. Sounds familiar eh.. haha…! Are we some long lost brother and sister? haha!

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