A safer path

Seriously, Eros maketh a fool out of us mere mortals and I really can swear that he seems to take great joy out of it all the time.. Perhaps to prove that ultimately we are all vulnerable. Yet without Eros, this world will be so dull and grey, colourless from all the pain and tears and joy.


I am really being a fool to think that I have the heart and ability to embark on another journey down this path, filled with thorny rose bushes? Beautiful and alluring, yet with a very real capability to prick and draw blood. The sweet scent from the roses are pulling me into this untamed jungle of emotions but the memories of the thorns are freaking me out.

Besides, there is still a foreboding shadow that is lurking in my memories that is pulling me back from venturing down this new journey.


I think its a better idea to just remain far away from this path and stay in the light, away from everything.


~ by blurfroggie on March 1, 2009.

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