Overdosage of hormones

There was this Aussie guy who came over to Singapore to help us with some risk assessment procedures. Our Australian counterparts, perhaps being more experienced, are really very good at setting procedures and dealing with safety and risk issues in the operations.

The first time I saw Kevin, the first thing that came into my mind is, “OMG! Giant!” He is darn tall lah, even Mike look like a midget beside him! He had to bend down a little when he came into my room! But the thing that struck me the most about him was that he has a very laid back kinda laugh and he was rather soft spoken. Overall, he just reminded me of the BFG, with a tummy of cos, considering his age. HAHA!

Anyway, the week was pretty hectic for me and I didn’t really get to know much about him, other than helping him with the administrative aspect of his work and also to listen to what he could offer to us about his experience in assessing risk. He was such a sweet person and a very humble one at that. Thats what really attracted me to him.

Yesh, I admit, I was attracted to him, and he is old enough to be my father. It only struck me when he was sitting beside me in our last meeting together. I could not help but keep thinking…

I think I am getting an overdose of hormones.



~ by blurfroggie on April 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Overdosage of hormones”

  1. horny lady….

  2. ha ha SPG

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