Happy birthday, Iris!

Rome was formed today 753 BC ago. I was borne today, 29 years ago.

For the first time in dunno how many years, I actually kinda like my birthday. At least I do not have some kind of shadow hanging over me, which was indeed refreshing. Today is my day and it is about me. I am not bothered by my troubles, at least not much.

Maybe I have really gotten over whatever that had happened. All that remained is just a very high priority to get back the debt that I was owed.

Five years ago, I fell deeply in love with someone who took me for granted. Granted that he stated very clearly that he would never love me, it was still a fact that the more I gave, the more he took. And with that, the harder I fell, to the point when everyday I was living with questions, with doubts and with self loathe and low self esteem, for loving someone who actually told me right in the face that he would never love me. And still continuing to see him. My birthdays were filled with dread cos with the passing of each birthdays, I was reminded of the fact that another year was wasted on a relationship that was doomed from the beginning.

I am glad that I ended it ultimately. Recollections still hurt of course, after all, those were the 4 most memorable and most emotional years of my life. But hey, I am now able to talk about it, without crying at least. This definitely has to be a good sign, a sure sign that I am finally moving on.

Time does heal wounds but you have to allow it to work its magic, otherwise, the wound will just fester and rot until it will just eats you up from inside as time passed you.

Yes, I think I have finally moved on.

Happy birthday to me! 🙂


~ by blurfroggie on April 21, 2009.

7 Responses to “Happy birthday, Iris!”

  1. happy belated birthday!

  2. yeah!

  3. Thanks thanks guys..! 😀

  4. let the birthday bash pics come in.. lets see how the froggie look

  5. Don want leh, Ms Froggie is meant to remain mysterious.. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope every birthday you have from now onwards will be full of happy memories. 🙂

  7. Thank you Ms ZZ! 😀

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