Why do I have to grow up?

I was just telling this to my friends earlier this week.

I got 3 groups of girlfriends and whenever I went out with them, it seems I fit in neither of their categories.

The first group will be talking about buying flats and booking their wedding banquets, when they will be getting married.

The second group will be talking about when to have babies or looking for ways to have their first born.

The third group will be bringing their kids to our gatherings and talking about their child births or discussing gynecologists.

Neither in any of these 3 groups do I fit.

It does feel odd somehow that I am still stuck in the same phase of my life whereas my friends are already moving into another phase of their lives. I never felt left out by my friends during our gatherings, but I do feel left behind.

I do not feel any hurry in getting hitched, as much as my parents would really really love for me to get hitched, but seeing all my girlfriends moving on with their lives while I am not does make me kinda left behind.

Sigh.. Why do I have to grow up?


~ by blurfroggie on April 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Why do I have to grow up?”

  1. Then why dont you get hitched…. find a sweet / normal boy… adjust.. get hitched…

  2. I don’t want to get hitched just for the sake of getting hitched..
    In any case, it’s not like up to me to say if I will hitched or not…

  3. The other day i was reading. how do you know he or she is the one…. the question. some body said.. you are lucky to have one, treasure it. many people dont even have one. its not that i have any less self respect.. its that everything has a time.. find a good boy.. and kiss him.. i am sure he will turn to a prince after you have believed and confident enough to kiss…

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