Of rice balls and an ugly Chinese lady

Talking about onigiri prolly made Kipe had some cravings for them yesterday and he suggested to me to get some before going down to White Wizard.  The only sushi place that I can think of in my neighbourhood is in Westmall, the little sushi place inside the super market. And so I headed there before Mew came over to pick us up.

When I reached there, there were 5 pieces left. And since I didn’t know how many of the guys will wanna eat that other than me, him and Stephy, I called him.

That was when I ended up being “suaned” by the Chinese lady.

What happened was that as I was on the phone with Kipe, there was a Chinese lady who picked up 3 of the rice balls. Then for some reason, she and her friends or families, about 4 of them crowded round the sushi bar, either discussing if they should get more or if they should get other sushi stuff.

On seeing that there were only 2 left, I promptly squeezed in between them and grabbed the remaining pieces left. That Chinese lady saw that and was quite unhappy. What followed is a direct word for word recount of what she said.

“这里的人很奇怪,什么都要抢, 刚才卖猪肉有人抢, 现在买这个也有人抢!”

English translation: The people here are really weird, everything also want to fight, just now buy pork met with people fight for it, now buying this also got people fight for it.

I was like, “fuck you, I took wat was left on the counter since you don want to take! Whats the big deal man..!

In the end, since its like not enough, I just took it by myself to head to the kitchen behind the counter and ask for more of the rice balls. No point arguing with such unreasonable people over some rice balls.

What an ugly incident!


~ by blurfroggie on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “Of rice balls and an ugly Chinese lady”

  1. yoush should havet told on phone “hey i won,i stoped these ladies from taking everything” rub salt…ha ha

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