Ramblings for the night

The moment I do not have anything to keep my mind occupied, the memories that I have been keeping at bay start to come back. As much as they did not come back with a vengeance, they are still creeping slowly and spookily into me.

Rationally, I know that its not healthy to be missing someone so much, especially after so much time had lapsed, but hell, if I can help it, I wouldn’t be relying on superficial measures to refrain from thinking.

Sigh.. Perhaps its still too early to conclude that I have gotten over what had happened.


On another note, I am making progress in my driving, at least I know how to properly steer the car without kissing the curb, although, I still have to beware and be alert and really not doze off while on the road. Hongjia is right, I am really a road hazard, especially when I dozed off while driving. Haha!

On the same note on the topic of driving, my current instructor is driving the new Honda Fit, 1 of the cars that I will go for, if I really get a driving license and get a car. That car is really smooth and I had a little trouble getting used to driving a new car. The previous cars that I drove are those old cars that definitely had seen better days. This new one has really smooth steering and the accelerator require little motivation to push the body forward. Freaked me out a little when the car shot forward more than the distance I expected. My instructor said I am 命苦 cos I only know how to drive an old car better than a new car. Heh..!


I am having a lousy sore throat now, most likely from the over dosage of Lays sour cream and onion potato chips over the weekend. I had such a craving for that, that I ended up downing 2 large bags of chips in 2 days, 1 in each day. Crossing my fingers that perhaps I will get an influenza bug and have to be home quarantined, haha!


Mike is asking me to go Australia with him in Oct, to see some car races. He was invited by PL while he was chauffeuring him around when the latter was in Singapore over the weekend. Accommodation and food will be provided during the entire stay, the only thing that he had to pay for areonly the air tickets. And the best thing is he is asking me to go with him! If this really works out, it shall be my first time to the land of the kangaroos and platypus!

*High five!*

I am wondering what will MO do if the 2 of us really hop (pun intended, heh) to Down Under together. Now, to think of a way to convince him that nothing will go wrong and get him to approve our leaves together. Aha!


I am trying to wean myself from playing GE, today is the 2nd day of my self imposed cold turkey for GE and its getting quite, shall we say, fine? Other than the fact that I am missing all my friends in game and wallowing in loneliness and pensiveness, I am now able to go to bed early. And this is certainly helping me in my job, I am getting more alert, more focused and less absent minded. Which, of cos is making my boss feeling rather glad.


Thats all folks! My ramblings on this warm and humid night, hope it helped to lessen your boredom as much as mine.


~ by blurfroggie on May 5, 2009.

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