I am smiling now

Fate is like a small child who loiters around you silently, not letting you know that he is all along beside you, working his magic on you.

When the moment comes, he will snap his fingers and all the blocks and pieces that he set around you will just fall into places and everything will just be perfect. Thats when you really open your eyes and see what he really wants you to see all along.

And when you really saw it, you will be really caught by surprise but you know that deep down in your heart, all these little pieces really made up the perfect setting for the right moment and that everything that had been, does not really matter anymore.

After which, you will feel really stupid, for not seeing through all these while, for missing all the pieces, with all the little clues just flying straight pass your big dumb numb skull.

The after-taste of knowing that the full circle has been completed is really sweet and fragrant. It lingers like the scent of a rose, in your thoughts and in your mind that you just wanna explode and embrace all that is being given to you, with a fierce passion.

I am smiling, I had been smiling since all the right pieces fell into place.

Everything is perfect and the sun is shining so ever brightly in the blue sky.

Everything is perfect. 🙂


~ by blurfroggie on June 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “I am smiling now”

  1. Whats up so much goodness

  2. I love the imagery in your piece, perfect word mix! I am smiling too after reading this. 😉


  3. Heh, thanks Adrian 🙂 Your commented reminded me of this post that I wrote a while back and I also smiled after I got reminded of what happened that prompted this entry. 🙂

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