We kiss, the sea sings

the sea

I looked around, everything looked perfect. The sky was tinted pinkish, the waves were rolling lazily onto the shore and the beach was deserted with a handful of fishermen. Their poles were lighted with tiny green lights to warn any passerby against walking into their lines. And we could still smell the lingering scent of rain in the air.

I stood in front of the sea, enjoying the songs of the waves and the light sea breeze. You were hugging me tightly, so tight that I thought you weren’t going to let me go. I looked up straight into your eyes, and saw a tender affection. It was perfect.

You kissed me, and I felt myself melt into your arms. My lips fit perfectly into yours, my arms went round your neck and you hugged me tighter. Our kiss dragged on, I couldn’t care if there were anyone else on the beach looking at us, I just wanna indulge in the moment.

As the sea continued her songs, we played with our tongues and lips, feeling  and enjoying the strong presence of each other.

That moment shall be forever impressed into my memories, I just wish that it will never end.

Thank you, my dear.


~ by blurfroggie on July 12, 2009.

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