The end is near?

I watched the show 2012 today. For those uninitiated, that is a another Armageddon themed show, just that it really out-do its predecessors with lots and lots of very good cinematography and stunning scenes of massive destructions.

There were also scenes of good byes, teary regrets etc; those scenes always tug my heart when I saw it. How does anyone ever, ever know how to break the news to your loved ones that you are not gonna see them anymore? Its quite possibly the most cruel thing that anyone can do to their loved ones.

Then, I began to ask myself, what will I do if I know that today is my last day on earth?

Quite possibly, the first thing that will come to my mind will be how much regrets will I have and followed by how deep are these regrets. Because I strongly believe that every single human have regrets at some point in their life, one way or another. One who has no regrets in his life is either too egoistic to admit or have not really live his life at all. I for one tend to believe that its usually the former.

Anyway, back to question.

I have come to the conclusion that I will probably just sit in a corner waiting for the roof to collapse on me and still will not know what to do. I still have so many things that I wanna do with my life! So many things to tell my loved ones, so much experiences to share, so many experiences to live, so much knowledge to learn, so many places to go.. The list is never exhaustive.

Eelin once told me that in the Bible, when the end is really near, everyone will be caught by surprise. No one will be able to foresee or predict the end. There will be no realization, just purely shock and the end.

Its scary, very scary. Though, in a twisted and optimistic way, such an end can be quite merciful too. No realization means no preparations. Preparing for one’s death is a very sick way to pass one’s remaining time.

I am dozing off here now, so gonna roger out and go lie on my bed with that question in my head. Perhaps you should too. 🙂


~ by blurfroggie on November 17, 2009.

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