I am free now..

My company had some Christmas celebration thingy on Tue and it seem the ENTIRE company knew that I will be leaving already. So it was kinda weird to be playing games with my soon-to-be-ex colleagues. Oh well, cest la vie.

Anyway, some of the bosses came over and talked to me about why I am leaving. Of cos, I couldn’t give them the real reason. So just told them my prettily made up excuse. Heh.

Made me quite nostalgic about my years there; afterall, I had already spent 5 years of my life there, learnt lots of things, and met lots of people. To be fair, my bosses did really treat me well, I had never been told off even though I committed lots of silly mistakes. As much as possible, they really did provide me with what I requested for. I was grateful for them.

To the point that I am kinda regretting leaving.

Until I realized the pay that my replacement was getting.. Well, actually I already knew that I was underpaid and besides she is more qualified than me, but the idea of knowing that your boss can afford to pay you more but didn’t, sucks big time. Gosh..

Thats not to say I am not grateful towards my bosses for all the care that they have shown me all these while. As the Chinese saying goes, 饮水思原, I won’t be what I am today without them. They opened my eyes and taught me a lot of things, and these are the things that cannot be quantified over a mere hundred dollars per month.

Anyway, all things being equal, I am glad that I have finally taken the big step to move to a new stage in life. Decisions once made should not be regretted cos regrets tie you down from soaring higher.

For once in my life, I feel free now. Finally.


~ by blurfroggie on December 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “I am free now..”

  1. hey woman, sorry for not catching you on your last day..i was away on overseas leave…shall we catch up soon, now as ex-colleagues or even frens! your hp no remains?

  2. Yoyo! Ms Roro! I will still be around till 15/1, can always call me up to chat once in a while 😀

    My contacts still remains, no worries, just email me at iris.teo@gmail.com or add me in facebook in that address.

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