I hope I do.

I always believe that the essence of life is hope. A simple four letter word that encompasses so much and that which brings about strength and deliverance and most of all, a flicker of light that promises salvation.

When we wake up everyday from our warm beds, the very first thoughts that cross our minds will the challenges that we will be facing and the journey that we will be taking onward for the day till the moment we lie back into the same bed for a good night rest.

Well, of cos, I am not talking about the more mundane stuff such as needing to take the first dump of the day, for that is a different story altogether. Heh.

So, back to the topic. What then spurs us, or propel us to even pull ourselves from our bed?

Hope. For without hope, there will be no motivation to even wake up or even push ourselves up from the bed. I mean, what for do I want to wake up and go about the day if I did not harbour any minute crumble of hope that my day shall be better than the previous? The simple answer will be that I hope that I will have a better day than yesterday, one that will further enrich my life journey.

It was said that Pandora unwittingly shut hope out when she closed her magical box momentarily too early after letting out all the anguish in the world that we are seeing today.

I do not believe this to be true. We see manifestations of hope everyday. In a mother’s eyes, from an old woman’s prayers in the church, a dog’s wagging of its tail when she is greeting her master home, a child’s smile at the candy shop, a girl’s laughters from her lover’s tease..

Why is it then I can’t seem to find myself hoping for a better day then? Why is it that every morning, I felt like closing my eyes again and shutting myself out from the reality? Why do I keep wishing that I can turn my head from the world every morning when I wake up?

Am I thus losing hope?

Perhaps, I have already lost it.

Will I find it back then?

I hope I do.


~ by blurfroggie on March 25, 2010.

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