The phonecall

I was having dinner with the girls last night, when I received a phonecall from mummy dearest halfway through the dinner.

“Jinghua, where are you now?” My mum’s flustered voice came out from the mobile.

“At dinner with my friends, why?

“Are you watching Channel 8 now?” My mum was really sounding very excited now.

“No, I already told you I am at dinner with my friends, how to watch TV siah?” -.-”

“Channel 8 showing people wedding leh, very pretty! You never watch, go watch now!”

“I am at a dinner OUTSIDE, how to watch TV lah!”

“Ok ok, later you go home watch, the weddings very nice!”

I have no idea which was more frustrating, the fact that my mother (A) did not seem to understand Chinese or (B) thought that Channel 8 shows would last 3 hours until I reach home, (C) was hinting for me to have my own wedding.

~ by blurfroggie on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “The phonecall”

  1. I believed its option C.. Ur mum wished u are getting married soon.. haha

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